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Sell directly to the us, maximize your profit
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Hassle Free

Dealing directly with a buyer can streamline the process, bypassing realtor fees and negotiations, leading to a quicker sale. Without a realtor as intermediary, you have more direct control over the negotiation process and the final sale price.


No Closing Costs

We are experienced buyers and make the sales process quick and easy.


Individual Investors

We are not a Real Estate Company. We are storage operators just like you and have been in the industry since 1997.


No Comissions

You won’t have to pay high broker fees in order to sell your property


Well Funded

We have a very loyal and experienced group of investors and are ready to act quickly.​

Why Choose Us?


You’ll love the experience of selling your storage property to Copra Storage because we are experienced buyers and can make the sales process quick and easy. We are not a real estate company and have been in the business of owning and operating storage businesses since the late 90s. We have a deep understanding of the storage industry and can offer competitive prices and expert advice.

About Us

Since 1997, we’ve been buying storage properties and building a family/friend owned business. We’re proud Texas investors, with a keen eye for potential and a deep understanding of the storage property business. Our decades-long partnership, forged in friendship and fueled by a shared vision, has driven us to create a network of storage facilities across the state, each one catering to the unique needs of their local communities.